General FAQ

Where I can buy Black Rock, GT Form or JSR Wheels?

Black Rock, GT Form and JSR wheels are sold through major and local wheel dealers throughout Australia, as well as internationally. To find a dealer near you, call us at 1800 692 000 or email [email protected].

How do I take care of my wheels?
Protect the finish of your new alloy wheels by regularly washing them with mild soap and warm water. Before washing your rims, allow them to cool down. Never spray them with cold water while they are still hot. Steam cleaners and strong chemicals used in car washes can be damaging to the finish of your alloy wheel. Make sure to use the right cleaning products, correctly.
What is a bolt pattern?
A bolt pattern refers to the number of wheel lugs and a bolt circle is the arrangement of those lugs. Normally, sedan cars will have a 4 or 5 lug pattern. Trucks and 4×4 vehicles may have 6 or 8 lugs.
What does offset mean?
The offset of a wheel is the distance between the centre line of the wheel and the hub mounting surface. A positive offset means that the hub mounting surface is closer to the outside edge. A negative offset means that the hub mounting surface is closer to the inside edge. A zero offset means that the mounting pad is on the wheel centerline. A wrong offset can cause the tyre to rub against the outside fender or inside fender well.
Should I use a hub centric ring?
Aftermarket wheels are designed to fit a variety of vehicles. If mounted without a hub centric ring, these wheels will be centred primarily by the lug nuts, which can cause vibrations. It is advisable that you use hub centric rings.
What size of wheels to get?
Ultimately, the ideal wheel size depends on what you’re looking for in terms of aesthetics and performance. Before you decide which wheel size to go for, it’s always worth talking to a car wheel specialist for expert advice. It will help you determine which size to go for – ensuring you get the look and feel that is required whilst maintaining high-performance levels.
How to tell if rims will fit my tyres?
If your new wheel specifications kept consistent, then your stock tyres will fit the new rims equally well. If you change wheel width or diameter, e.g. moving from a 17″ wheel to an 18″ wheel diameter, then your stock tyres will no longer fit the wheels.